Hotel Parking

How does it work

You or the hotel calls or makes a reservation when and where you want your car to be picked up. We can pick up your car at every hotel in the centre of Amsterdam.
Our opening hours are 07:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week.

Upon retrieval we fill out an intake form. We do this to capture the responisbilities and commitments for both parties.
The intake form containes your and our information including, place and time of retrieval, any damage to the car, time of return and other services such as washing the car. If necessary pictures will be taken of the state in which the car is picked up.

We then take your car to a secured parking.

Your car will be brought back at the appointed time. After you checking your car you pay for our service.

If you want your car returned before the agreed date and time and/or at a different location, extra costs will be charged. There are no additional charges if you want your car to be parked longer. For this we charge you the normal parking fees.

Our staff are experienced drivers, selected on their strong sense of responsibility and trained to drive all types of cars. You can recognize them by the corporate clothing and they can identify themselves as a HOTELPARKING staff member.

The client is always responsible for closing a passenger liability insurance, according to the dutch Motor Insurance Liability Act (WAM). The principal shall maintain this insurance during the entire term of the contract. The above policy applies to each reservation, where you use the services of HOTELPARKING.

HOTELPARKINGis insured for:
Public liability insurance € 2,500,000
Motor Insurance
-people € 5,600,000
-materials € 2,500,000
Buildings Goods
-fire € 500,000
-theft € 900,000

Other services
At extra cost’s it’s possible to offer you several other services, including transfers, but also interior and exterior cleaning, minor repairs, window service, tire service and use of a replacement vehicle.